Kineihsiam Esther

Min pi: Esther Man Ngaih Nuam (Taithul)

Suahna : Bangkok, Thailand.

Tulian omna: Atlanta, Georgia

Suahni: January 29, 1999

Lai pilna: Associates of Arts Degree

Pianna Tuun leh Zua min: – Niang Muan Cing (Nu) – Kham Thawn Thang (Pa)

Pianpih sanggam : -Joseph Mung, -Solomon Tuang -John Sang -Paul Tung, -Benjamin Thang

Innkuanpa min: – Thang Lian Khai

Pasian piak tate min: -Gabriel Khai -Ariel Nuam

Ukna (Hobbies): Lasah leh Art

LST mun: Rom 8:37-39 37. “Khen vawtlou ding; tamte zousie ah, ahing itpa ziehin guolzoute sanga tungtuong zaw ihi uhi. 38. Shina ahiei, hinna ahiei, vansawlsiengte ahiei, thuneinate ahiei, silbawltheinate ahiei, tuhun a sil umte ahiei, sil hing um dingte ahiei, 39. Sanna ahiei, thuhna ahiei, ahisihleh silsiem dang mawngmawngin zong, i Mangpa uh Khrist Jesu a um Pasian itna akipat ahing khen thei sih ding chi kichien tahin ka thei hi.”

GZC Q1. Hong dongpah saisai nung, Lasak lam hita leh Zomi movie, short movie maw khatpeuh ah na kidiah zawh asawt ta na. Bangin hong uk sak, cih nong genthei ding hiam?

EN- It’s been a long time since I did acting or singing because I have a family now, but still sing at church. I love singing since I was a child and now I’m a worship leader.

GZC Q2. Zomi sungah kineihsiam/limlak siam mikang movie dong ah kihel thei le Zomi lasiam mangla, kawlla siamtak a sa thei ih neih na angtang hiam?

EN- Yes I’m very proud of our singers and actors because they will inspire others to not be afraid to follow their own dreams and to have big dreams.

GZC Q3. La dawng bangzah bawl khin, na lasak te lakpan nang phuah a om kha na, Movie bangzah ah kihel kha, movie shooting ciang haksatna na tuak gei hiam?

EN- I haven’t made my own song, but I have song covers of gospel music. I only have been in one movie but I enjoyed it and had no problems filming because I was treated so well.

GZC Q4. Zomi te koici kalsuan leng mailam ah movie hita leh music sungah kipum khat in ki khangto theiding?

EN- I believe that we have to place God as number one in everything we do to help us progress in the future. Also we have to be humble and listen to one another to work as a team.

GZC Q5. Movie/La tawh a kisailo na gennop khatpeuh hong luikhia dingin hong thuum ungh.

EN- One thing I would like to say is to always be thankful to God for everything in your life. This is because there’s always something to be grateful for whether it’s your health, your family or your job.

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