Prof. Dr. Khup Lian Pau

Tungtuang khua, Pa Suum Za Dal(Sote) leh Nu Vum Ning (Hatzaw)te sung panin 15.12.1963 ni-in suak hi. Nu Dim Lun Cing tawh kiteeng in Tanu khat leh tapa nih nei uh hi. (1) Mary Ning Deih Lian (2) Joseph Dal Khat Kam leh (3) Peter Thang Lian Mang.



Kumpi Sangkah na: 1. Elementary Tungtuang, Chih State (1970- 1975),2. Middles Tedim, Chin State (1975-1980),3. High School Tonzang, Chin State (1980-1987),4. Yangon University (Distacne) (2016).

Lai Siangtho sangkah na: (1) B.A (Theo) Evangel Bible College
(ICI),Yangon (1990-1994)(2)M.A(Theo)ManilaTheological
College (1996-1999)(3) M.Div (pastoral) Asian Seminary of
Christian Ministry (1997-2000)(4) D.Min (Mission) Union
Theological Seminary; Philippine (2000-2004),(5) Ph.D (in Religion) Philippine Christian University (2006-2010).

Pasian nasepna:1. Church: Assistant Pastor –Harvester Christian Center, Yangon (1994- 1996),Assistant Pastor –New Life Christian Fellowship, Philippine (2000-2001),Bible Teacher –Flock of God Church in Philippine (2007-2009),Pastor –Zomi Christian Fellowship, Japan (2010-2012),2. Theological College and Seminary: -Lecturer –Bethany Theological Seminary (2004-2006),-Lecturer –Gospel for Asia (2004-2006),-Lecturer –Logos Institute of Theology & Mission (2004-2006)- Instructor –Hope Bible College (2013 …….),-Professor –Evangel Bible College (2013 ……..)

Nasep tuamtuam: A. Political: Phithu Lawttaw Lohaphy (No.7/1982), Leadership –Central Institute of Political & Science (No.13/1984); Leadership (especial) C.I.P.S (No.17/1995). B. Sport: Chin Selected –Football (1981).(C) Dissertations: DMin. The Historical Development of Christianity and its Impacts in Tedim Region, Chin State, Myanmar. Bases for Developing a Model Church. Ph.D: Religion, Culture and Modernity; Historical, Missiological and Eschatological perspectives on Globalization in Myanmar Context. (D) Articles. -Na Tangthu hong sut dih,-Tualsuak Zomi pan a kizelh Zomi, -Gualzawh Paukham nate’ a Tomsiam Ding’ – Leitung kizelh na leh Pasian Thu Ngaihsutzia, -Pentecostal Upna leh Lai Siangtho Sang, -A Mile Stone for Chin People in Myanmar, -History of the Phillipines, – Globalization and the Future of Theology. (E)Responsibilities and Privileges: -May 24, 2017- in Global University (USA) in Associate Professor of Religion pia uh hi, – August 1, 2017 in Asia Pacific Theological Association in Advanced Professional Teacher Certificate pia uh hi.

Pianpih laizomte:
(1) nu Pum Khan Niang + Pa Thang Sian Lian (Tedim), (2) Pa Gin Sian Mung, LLB, MA(Theo) officer + Nu Man Khan Ciin(Yangon), (3) Nu Dim Khawm Cing + Pa Tuan Sian Mung (Tungtuang), (4) Pa Gin Khan Kap(LDC)+Nu Dim Lian Lun(Tahan), (5) Rev. Khup Lian Pau, DMin., Ph.D.,+ Nu Dim Lun Cing(Yangon), (6) Pa Thawng Khan Cin, B.A.,B.Ed.,(JAT)+ Nu Ciin Ngaih Mang(Tungtuang), (7) Pa Dal Za Thang(Peon)+Nu Niang En Mang(Tungtuang), (8) Nu Dim Zam Mang + Pa Langh Pian Thang(Tahan).

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