Dr.Vum Son (Suan Tak) Ph.D

Pu.Ngul Zam leh Pi.Neam Mang te sung pan in 9th November 1937 kum in Chin State, Tedim Myone Suangdawh khua ah suak hi. (1)1957 kum in Tedim, State High School ah tan 10 (Matric) ong hi.(2) 1961 kum in B.Sc (Geology & Chemistry) Rangon University RASU ah zo hi.(3) 1965 kum in M.Sc (Petroleum Exploration at the Mining Academy) Freiburg – Germany pan in zo hi.(4) 1969 kum in Ph.D (Doctor of Natural Science) Bergacademie, Freiburg, Germany ah zo leuleu hi.

Tanu nih nei hi: (1) Dr.Prof Bian Ca Son (Mang Khan Cing) 2014 kum hong nu sia hi. (2)Dr.Lian Na Son (Zam Lian vung) Robotic Engineer. 2005 kum 19th September in a teen na khua Maryland USA pan in hong su sia ta hi.

Publications: (1) 1970 Geochemical Exploration of Trace Elements (In German Version) (2) 1986 Author of Zo History (In English),(3) 1987-2005 Foundation for Democracy in Burma/ Member and for five Years Serve as its President. (4)Member of Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma. (5) Founder of Chin National Council and Chin Freedom Coalition (Washington) and Chin Forum (Ottawa).(6) Advisor Zomi inn kuan (USA) since 1999.  (7) Member of the Board of Consultants of the Political Affairs Committee of Chinland. (8) Human Rights Activist Since 1987. (9) Member of the Zo Re-Unification Organization since 1995 and Served as Coordination.   (10) Member of Advisory Board of the Chin National Community – Japan. (11) Lecturer in Non-Violence Actions. Human Right and Minority Right. (12) Represent Chin Forum in Constitution Drafting Federal and State in Various Burma Related Seminars. (13) Worked together with the NCGUB from 1991 to 1999 and other organizations. (14) Promote peace and Democracy in Burma and Encouraged Armed Groups for Peace Negotations. (15) He Political activities involved. Among other works. Lobbying Congress and the US Government for the cause of bringing democracy to Burma and giving interviews to the media such as the BBC.(16) Voice of America and the Radio Free Asia. etc.Died: 19th September 2005. Mary Land. USA.

Dr. Vumson’ la: (a) Tunlezua, maciang usn le, theilo thian thil phak sap a, va zil ing ee.

(b) Tainga ka lawh sesum ka lam, tun le zua taw lai kuang um meal ing ma’ng ee.

  • Nam ci pianna, zuamang aw ee, von in dawn gia bang zom ee,
  • Khuamual lum sung kong phu luang ze, khuamun thei bang kong lawh na hi ee.
  • Khup ing nge e, khup ing nge ee, tang ka tam gual khup ing ee.
  • Tang ka tam gual khup ing nge ee, tang tui vongtawi khup ing ee.
  • Sesial ing nge, ngam khuam khuk pan chim zin zang khuang bang hang nge, (b) Zangsi ta sen ang kawi hileng, phung tawh lemh a zawng tu ze.
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